Word Charm App Reviews

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Habit forming

Can’t put this game down! I love it!!

False video advertisement

Like some others before me, I download this game because I saw a really cool word game ad while playing a different game. I played several of your levels until I realized I would never play the game I was thinking this was supposed to be. Granted, I will give you the one star because the pictures for this actual add does not show what was put on the video ad found in several other games. However, this is a waste of time for word games. It’s unoriginal, far from interesting, and will now be deleted from my phone.

Crash and Burn

The app is constantly crashing. Don’t waste your time. The advertising is over the top.

Good challenge.

I found it fun and a test to my English. It was great right up to the point where it hung up and nothing I did could fix it. I had to delete the app, so I lost everything I had worked so hard to accomplish to about level 860 or so. Disappointing.

Disappointed Update

Today’s update doesn’t allow me to even play. The game is frozen.

Fix it

Fix the app! After the last couple updates it freezes after a couple of words. I could not even send an in app support message because it froze while typing. I enjoy the game but it’s useless as of now.


Keeps freezing on me. Unable to finish spelling word keeps freezing on me. Unable to scramble letters, or anything. I get completely out, try to go back in hopefully it’s reset, but no. I still see partial word I was trying to sell.

Best Word Puzzle yet!

Love playing this game and love the daily and weekly challenges!

Sorry too many problems

First of all I thought the game on the add was so great and so I downloaded it but it turns out it’s a scam of games like word soup. But not only that but the whole game is a terrible rip off of the game! They make up words that count while real words don’t count in some rounds! I think if the game turned into what was advertised it would be a huge hit! Until then my one star stands...


I was into this game until one of the words was rape. What is wrong with a word game, where they really could not find enough words that they had to resort to using that? There are people out there that suffer from ptsd from sexual assault and the last thing they need is to have to type something so foul into a word game just to level up because the app creators ran out of words. Immediately deleted.

Fun game but the ads ruin it

There are way to many ads in this game. They should just charge a dollar and get rid of them.

What the heck is this piece of junk 🤥🤥!!!

Once I aboard a plane to California. I was looking for some games to play while I’m on the plane. However the game is just like any other word game and I hate it how they lied 🤥 about how you try to save the stick men from getting killed from the spikes. I love those type of games but this one was all just a lie. If I was old enough I would sue this app.


You would think that this is a cool game in the ads but it is a lie don’t download!!!!!


I don’t like it because it showed all of theses cool games and then u get it and it is just Conner some words together hurray hurray😡

Inappropriate for children

Great game and interesting challenges until inappropriate (sexual and profane) words are listed. Definitely not for children!

Still waiting for items in ad

What I saw in the ad is not this game. I thought that I downloaded the wrong game. This is called false advertising. It is also called bait and switch. They get you in for one thing and sell you something else. This is the same game as several others nothing new like the ad shows.

Not at all as presented

This is a typical bait and switch done with it not at all as shown


I am going to really say no stars, but since I have to put one...... like most of the people here to complain, I honestly saw the ad and said wow this is going to be fun, and I downloaded it. When I opened the app, it was completely a flop, it copied other word bubbles and stuff, just remember if ur going to make a game, don’t lie to the costumers 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄!!!!

False Advertising

I found Word Charm when I looked at an advertisement. I thought it would be fun with the spikes and all. However, when I installed the game, I found out that it was not the game that I saw on the advertisement . You have a certain amount of letters, and you have to find the right word. No spikes. No people. Just the alphabet. On the advertisement there was the game being advertised, and a different game available to download. In conclusion, this was false advertising. I believe that this advertisement should be deleted and replaced with an accurate representation of Word Charm.


So the ad for this game shows a VERY DIFFERENT game than what it is. Either fix the game or fix the ad. It’s totally misleading.

False advertising

The advertising is very fake. I would see and ad pop up and the game seemed very fun so i downloaded it and it was a totally different app then i was expecting. Moral of the story the ads that pop up don’t match the actual app which is boring.

False Advertising

I would have given this game fiver stars but nope because of FALSE ADVERTISING. It literally made an ad of something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and ended up being the opposite. If you see this game in ads, DO NOT TRUST THE ADS. It’s completely bs and terrible. Just filthy. To all the other people that put one stars I bet they would agree with me this game is worth getting the award for the most bogus game of 2018 and along with all the crappy word puzzle games I’m playing this game and I’m like bruh what the hell is this crap this is FALSE ADVERTISING. Tbh in disappointed and mad at the same time. Do not trust this game there are only here for the money

False advertising

Where are all the different games as advertised? Deleting.

A lying game!

I was playing my game and I saw this ad pop up and I really liked it. It was a snake game I guess you could say and I decided to click on it because it looked interesting. Then it comes up with a completely different game! Unprofessional! 😡😡😡😡

Not the same game as the ad

Not the same game as the ad I clicked on.

Not as Advertised

I downloaded the game thinking it was totally different. I looked almost like a word match game. It’s just another spelling game.


I have seen a lot of ads in many of my apps surrounding this one in particular, from connecting words to help people survive from spikes in the ceiling, to a worm finding the correctly spelled words to get more longer. When I downloaded the game however, it turned out that it was just another word puzzle, like Word Cookies and such, and I know more reviewers are going to point this out. It just astounds me that more people give it a 5, despite the ads LYING to them, like HOW? You literally could of just followed something original! I immediately deleted it from my phone, it truly deserves a 1.


That’ll do pig that’ll do


Why advertise something that people would actually want to play but then get something they weren’t expecting or something boring? Have you ever seen an ad and got so EXCITED to play the game? I KNOW I HAVE!! When I saw the ad I couldn’t wait for the game to download!! I was very excited!! When it downloaded I instantly got into the game expecting something fun and creative! And then after noticing this is nothing like the ad I was disappointed. 😔 Then I realized this is EXACTLY like WORD COOKIES 🍪!!! This is a copy of a game and I didn’t appreciate it at all.. Some people love this game and probably are thinking “well maybe Word Cookies is coping THIS game?!?” Well you could be right I don't know who is coping who.. Please fix this game or the ads so it can be truthful and fun!

Unsatisfactory and false advertising

I first saw this ad and thought oh it’s like a word search where u save the cute guys from the spikes but it’s just like word cookies and all the other trashy word games it’s unsatisfactory with promise unfulfilled it’s boring but if u want a slow game that’ll just pass the or a game like all the others if u just like word games well buy this my altogether review is:😞😣😭 It would have a much more fun game if the advertisement was right

Ads are a lie

You see an add for the game and your supposed to save people from spikes with choosing the right word, or playing as a snake and going into the correctly spelled words. When you get the game it’s nothing like that!! AT ALL. it’s a random game just like word cookies. I was very disappointed and deleted it 5 mins after use. Please fix this

Addictive but terrible vocabulary and too many ads

I enjoy word games, but not when their vocabulary is so terrible. Standard words are not accepted and Non-standard words are just fine. Sometimes proper nouns are okay, but other times they are not. Game Deleted

Ads are wrong!!

Through all of my game apps there are usually ads. When I saw the app for this game I liked it a lot so I downloaded it and realized the ads were ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like the actual game it was just a knockoff app of word cookies or Wordscapes. If you see the ad for word charms do not get it unless you want to be let down majorly!

Not as advertised

I saw an ad for this game that allowed you to create compound words from pictures. It looked fun so I downloaded the game. It is not as advertised. I’m deleting the app.

False advertisement

The ad was not what this game is.

Don’t get, really boring

What it depicts in the ad is totally different from the app. The ad made it look like a unique word game app, but it turned out nothing like that at all. It’s basically the same as every other word game on the AppStore. It gets boring pretty fast, so I recommend looking for something else.

Stop the pop up game

Like the game, hate the pop ups. It’s super annoying.

False Advertisement

Just like any word game. Don’t get it.


On your MANY ads you show it as one game when it’s entirely different.

Like this game, except ...

....When it rejects perfectly good English words. What's up with that?

Inappropriate words

This game is fun but some of the words are inappropriate. One of the answers in the game is “rape”. While I’m not generally overly sensitive about language, I don’t appreciate “rape” as an answer. Other inappropriate words include “cum” and “pee”.


Even below everyone says that the ads aren’t what they are. You’ve now had multiple ads, all ones that’s aren’t even the game. It’s just a copy of Word cookies, which I would have downloaded.. This game would deserve 5 stars but the false advertisement is bad.

Not the game that’s advertised it like a clone

At first, I thought it was going to be really unique like almost a crossword or something but no. It’s just a clone of every other game that has word puzzles in it, like word cookies. I am very disappointed with this app. I am also very upset with the lying advertisements. Not acceptable. Please do not download this app if you do not like word puzzles like word cookies. 😡😡😡

Disgraceful porn

I was just minding my own playing the game, then PORN ADS just interrupted my time. I threw up in my mouth. I wanted to die. Terrible. Should be 13+ not 4! Get your crap together word “charm”.

Not what I thought it was.

The ad looked interesting, so I downloaded it. Turns out it’s just another ripoff of those word-matching games or whatever they’re called. I don’t recommend you to download this.

Word champ

I rate a five star rewiew


I looked at the ad and I saw a man walking with spikes above his head. And then I thought that the point of the game was to swipe the correct word that you saw that had the correct wording. But the actual game was nothing like that! It is just like every other word game. Ex: WORD COOKIES!!!

False Advertisement

I saw an 2 adds for this game, the first time it was the real game, and I was interested. The second time it was a version where you are a worm and have to choose a real word, and I was intrigued. I downloaded the app, and it was the game advertised in the first add I saw. I expected you had to unlock something to play the worm game, so I continued playing for a while. I never got to play the worm game! False advertisement I don’t recommend this app at all!!!!


I saw an ad for this and I got the game and it is no at all like the add so I deleted the game and then continuously kept seeing ads were different every single time and it was so annoying!🤮


Ok so I saw an ad to save the people from spikes i was like “ oh that seems fun “ but when I download i was mad... NO DISAPPOINTED because the ad was false ( now I’m a kid so heads up I HATE lies )

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